Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Day ~ May

Our first day of May was a fun and full day! It was our last official day of school and we went on a great field trip to the Truman Dam called Pioneer Days. On the grounds there are authentic cabins and  other buildings from the late 1800's. There are local homesteading families that come and demonstrate different ways of doing things from pioneer days, and it's just a really fascinating and fun thing to experience. We had perfect weather, and it was the absolute best way to end our year of studying with Prairie Primer.

A sunny start to the day!

Those loud black birds!

Mmmmm .... my morning coconut blended hazelnut coffee.

And some oatmeal.

So cool to see the wool yarns hand-spun.

The late 1800 antiques were beautiful.

Brynne and her good homeschooling friend watching for turkey vultures over the lake.

Eli at the map of the Truman Lake.

Checking out all the fishing boats.

Getting instructions on spinning wool.

The view over Truman Lake was beautiful.

A view of the dam through the viewfinder.

Eli comparing this dam to Hoover Dam. Quite a difference!

Brynne actually loved all of the sewing activities.

This cabin actually housed Jesse James for one night.

The table in a period cabin.

The fireplace.

The sleeping quarters upstairs.

And the "kitchen".

This was all so peaceful that I could totally live like this.

Watching lace be made. Fascinating!

I honestly don't know how they do this!

Brynne did a little four-strand braiding.

The kids got to go through the general store.

Eli gave the day a thumbs up!

Jacob's Ladder. Lot of fun!

The kids got one last school lesson.

This school marm was really informative and friendly.

A demonstration of preserving fruits and vegetables.

This is a real homesteading family demonstrating how to
make soap and wash clothes.

I think I'll have Brynne start doing the laundry!

Ohhhh .... authentic kettle corn. It's amazing when it is fresh and warm!

Because of that I needed to take a walk when I got home.

The kids needed to get back to the electronics of the 21st century.

And I have to admit I enjoy watching my shows, too.

On our way to dinner that evening. Rick wasn't wanting
his picture taken.

Kyndal and I are always up for a selfie.

We ate big in anticipation of our 5K the next day. Yummy!

What's a date night without a trip to Walmart?

You can join Nicole at Journey to Josie each month with your First Day photos.

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  1. Oh how interesting! And what a beautiful spot too. Happy May!


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