Friday, May 15, 2015

Random Friday

1. I could totally get used to this "no school" life. I am really busy all day, doing projects I never have time to do during school (purging, cleaning, organizing), but the rest of my day is slow and easy. I get to relax with coffee in the mornings, exercise whenever I want to, get my housework done at a leisurely pace, piddle in the yard, go for walks, do some reading, catch up on some t.v., really sit and listen to the kids when they are talking. It's been great!

2. After a small telephone hearing on Monday, I think I can finally say that the child support ordeal with my ex-husband is concluded! It took almost two years to the date, and thousands of dollars in attorney fees (that money would have been very useful for kids in college), to get my children the support that I asked for them before I was forced to formally file anything with the court. What a waste. But I am very happy that the judge ruled the way he did in favor of my children. They got what they deserve.

3. This little boy graduates from high school on Sunday. I swear I just dropped him off at kindergarten, praying for his poor teacher ... haha. He was such an ornery little thing, still is really, but WOW what an amazing young man. I couldn't be more proud of him! I am thankful he plans to live at home for the next 4-5 years until he finishes college and that he still gives me hugs all day and tells me that I am his best friend. I couldn't ask for more. (Okay, maybe for him to do his own laundry, but still ...)

4. Kyndal and Collin got their marriage license this week, so they are all set for the wedding next Friday. She was just going to her first day of kindergarten, too, right?

5. So as one of my children graduates from high school this weekend, and another gets married this week ... as they walk away from the things of their past that have made them unhappy and walk into their futures ... I think this quote says it all ...

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  1. I love everything about this post. Enjoy the next few days / weeks with your oldest babies. Praying blessings over them.


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