Friday, September 4, 2015

Random 5

1. I am not on Facebook. The only time I really know anything that is going on there is if one of the kids shows me something. A big reason I am not on there is because of the stupidity of grown adults. Sometimes it truly astonishes me. The thing I am most amused by is when an individual posts some hurtful post directed at someone else (sometimes even their own family member), accusing that person of being something. But when you read it, it exactly describes the person posting it. Hilarious! There are some mean, unhappy people in the world ... and it's always somebody else's fault. Pull up your panties and be responsible for your own actions, people!

2. I have successfully been on my Keto diet and GRAIN FREE for two weeks now. I am continually learning all about this way of life and feeling great! The most welcome benefit is how well I am sleeping at night and the high level of energy I have all day.

3. I am so ready for fall weather! I have some cute fall clothes and new boots that I want to wear!!

4. Have you heard that Dr. Ben Carson has been rising in the polls and in some (even Iowa!!) he is tied with Donald Trump? That is very exciting news for our country. Let God and common sense prevail!

5. What are you doing this Labor Day weekend? We have NO PLANS! I'm going to lounge around, get caught up on some Keto cooking, do my lesson plans for next week, and hopefully watch some movies, read, and take some naps. Sounds good to me!!! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Can I admit I've looked for you on f/b? ha ha...
    You are smart not to hassle with it... admittedly. =)


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