Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today ... Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Outside my window ... the house is looking great! Rick worked hard on Saturday and Sunday almost finishing the trim painting, and I worked to clean things up (knocking down massive amounts of cobwebs, lots of sweeping, etc.). We even planted some of the peony roots from my grandma's peonies that were transplanted to my mom and dad's, and some tulip bulbs. Things look fresh and new and pretty!

I am thinking ... about how behind I am on everything. We had a fabulous visit from Rick's sister Julie and her husband Milton, but it did, in fact, get us a bit behind. That's okay, we'll get caught up.

I am thankful ... for the time spent with Julie and Milton. It was their first time visiting our home here in Missouri, and I think their visits will now be more regular. We had fun playing board games and just sitting around talking. They also got to go see Brynne play volleyball, which meant a lot to her.

I am wearing ... grey yoga capris (funny story, this is the second time I have noticed after running that I have them on inside out), a yellow workout shirt, black zip up hoodie, and my Brooks running shoes.

I am creating ... a fall landscape around the house. I love this time of year!

I am going ... to sleep really good tonight! Rick and I gave up our bed to Julie and Milton for the two nights they were here because we do not have a spare bedroom. I slept in Eli's bottom bunk with the two dogs and Rick slept on the couch. Although I gladly gave up my bed for guests, I will be so happy to be back in it tonight!

I am wondering ... if we will even get to go to a pumpkin patch this year. We cannot find one that looks good, and our favorite won't be opening this year. Boo!

I am reading ... All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

I am hoping ... for a good 4 mile run at the Kansas City Zoo Run on Saturday. I have never run 4 miles straight before. I am doing a practice run on Thursday. My goal is to just run the whole thing without having to stop and walk. I think I can do it.

I am learning ... how to play our new board game Memoir '44 so that I can teach the kids. As is with Days of Wonder games, the instructions are so confusing! But once we worked out some scenarios, it became clearer what we are supposed to do. It is going to be a fun game! It's a very strategic WWII game.

In my garden ... were a few fresh raspberries this week! I ate them right off the vine, and they were so sweet!

In my kitchen ... are dirty cereal bowls because that is what we had for dinner tonight!

In the homeschool room ... we watched a movie with a difficult topic, and the kids voluntarily worked over their regular daily stopping time doing some schoolwork they enjoy. More on that with our Weekly Wrap-up on Friday.

A favorite quote for today ... 

A peek into one of my days ... A fun family evening watching Brynne KILL IT at her volleyball game, going out to dinner, then coming back home for a family game of Ticket to Ride.

One of my favorite things ...

My porch swing ... yep!

From the board room ... I can totally do these Twine Pumpkins. How cute!

Post Script ... Carson Will Not Apologize for Muslim Remark. Ben Carson for President.

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