Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today ... Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Outside my window ... It looks like it's going to rain, and a little girl is getting on the school bus. (So glad my two are still peacefully sleeping and will be for the next hour or so.)

I am thinking ... about how much I love my house. I love to walk into the cozy kitchen in the mornings to get my cup of coffee. Everything is just how I like it. It's simple, but so me. Makes my life feel peaceful.

I am thankful ... for our new schedule. It's been cool to have Rick here during the day while we are doing school lessons. He brings a little comic relief to our studies, and it makes me happy to see him at the table with the kids helping them with their work or to hear him talking with them about a topic. He brings a different perspective to things, and the kids will benefit so much from it.

I am wearing ... pjs. It's early. I'll put on my workout clothes in a while and go for a walk, if it doesn't start raining. (Looking doubtful.) ...  (Nope, now it's pouring.) I'll still put on workout clothes because I have my workout class this afternoon.

I am creating ... birthday dinner plans for tonight for Taylar's 18th birthday!

I am going ... to be running another 5K this Saturday. I've struggled a bit this week with my running. Hoping I'll have the kinks worked out by then.

I am wondering ... if Eli will be grumpy for school today. Yucky weather days seem to affect his overall mood.

I am reading ... Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline (wish I could just curl up and read all day today), The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis (kids' read aloud), The Miracle Worker by William Gibson (kids' read aloud).

I am hoping ... that Kyndal continues to feel good with her pregnancy. Other than an aversion to smells, she is feeling great!

I am learning ... about balance. Aren't I always learning about balance? Making time and having energy for everyone in my family takes adjustments. I am not very good at it, especially since I want (need) so much alone time. Somehow I have to find a way to balance that need with the needs of my family. I am a work in progress.

In my garden ... a new batch of fall plantings will be going in next week. We are hosting an enrichment class for some of the kids' friends starting this Wednesday based on the book The Victory Garden and we are going to be planting a fall garden as part of the class.

In my kitchen ... sits my husband at his desk in his den settling in for a day of working at home. In a little while his secretary will serve him his breakfast.

In the homeschool room ... we are back in the full swing of things, and it's going good. Yesterday we had a themed day because it was the holiday, and I thought it would be fun. It surprised me to learn that the kids really just wanted to have our regular school day instead. They are enjoying what we are learning and how we are learning it. That's pretty cool!

A favorite quote for today ... "It is folly to covet to be wise above what is written, and wise to be content to be no wiser." (Matthew Henry Commentary, Acts 1:6-7) ... chew on that one!

A peek into one of my days ... 

This past weekend involved a lot of this guy ... Yadi, our
grand dog. Mommy and daddy were at the lake so Nana
and Pappy were in charge. He's turning into a pretty darned
good pup. (He doesn't sit still for long to get non-blurry pics.)

One of my favorite things ... has been watching Dawson excel in college, and be so proud of it. I know the workload overwhelms him at times, but he is enjoying the sense of accomplishment when he gets his work completed and does it well. Straight A's so far! Keep it up, bud!

From the board room ... I have been a pinning fool the past week or so with lesson plans. I seem to be doing a lot of future science pinning. Science is kind of my weak area, and I like to have a lot of hands-on demonstrations of topics because I feel like I fail in explanation. I have found some good stuff this week. Like this one, that I just now pinned.

Post Script ... Although I am not doing the Bible study True Woman 201: Interior Design, Ten Elements of Biblical Womanhood by Mary A. Kassian (love her!) and Nancy Leigh DeMoss, I am following along with their videos about each of the elements. The first one was on having discernment. It's a good watch, if you are interested. I may pick up this book to do the study at some point.


  1. I do not know how I missed the announcement about a grandbaby, but CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting!

    1. Thank you! Obviously we are over-the-moon excited!

  2. I really ought to do these daybook things cuz I really enjoy reading up on yours, lol.


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