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A Conversation with Dawson's Kindergarten Teacher

{A little history here. Nine years ago when we moved to Oklahoma, we lived in the same neighborhood with one of the kindergarten teachers at our school. Her daughter would babysit Kyndal and Dawson for us. Two years later, Dawson had her for kindergarten. We loved her. They moved out of our neighborhood a few years later, but we still ran into her. Funny enough, we ended up building our house one street over from her. And when our new elementary school was built last year, she became one of the 1st grade teachers. It is likely she will be Eli's (my 6 year old's) 1st grade teacher next year. She knows our family well.}

I was talking with her on Thursday about homeschooling Dawson, and our reasons for it. When I was describing Dawson's personality to her, she teared up. She said, "That's not the Dawson I had in kindergarten." You see, Dawson was very outgoing and made friends very easily! He was very social and happy. When I explained to her his extreme apprehensions in groups and new settings, she was shocked. She was sad.

She agreed with me that the public school system, as it is, has failed Dawson and all of the many, many kids just like him.

She told me that she was very happy for Dawson and me and that she felt that I was definitely doing the right thing and that it was great that I was able to recognize that Dawson has gifts and talents that aren't being utilized and to actually do something about it.

She told me that if I ever needed any help with anything, to give her a call.

I felt a great deal of encouragement after talking with her.


  1. YAY! Welcome to the wonderful world of HOMESCHOOL! Oh, it's been such a blessing for us. Yes, it has its days where you just want to go shopping and/or get out of the house, but you can't, because you love your children, and you know you are doing the right thing! Good for you Nicole!


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