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The Curriculum

I received the curriculum today that I ordered for Dawson's schooling next year. I have been so excited to receive it, and am even more excited now that I have it in my hands! Wow! Talk about comprehensive! Talk about extensive! Talk about creative!

It's called A World of Adventure by Dorian Holt, a homeschooling mom, former teacher and Christian. It is a unit study that relies heavily on a piece of literature from a certain time period in history, and then the science, social studies, language arts, fine arts and Bible are all based on that piece of literature. It's amazing!

The units we will be covering next year are Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, The Renaissance and Restoration Age and The Age of Exploration.

Dawson will love it and I can't wait to learn right along with him.

The only thing I need to supplement it with is math, typing and handwriting. I plan to order Saxon Pre-Algebra, use Type to Learn on the computer and continue to work with him on handwriting. I'm still looking for some good material for that. There is also a possibility that I will join our local homeschool coop so that he can attend a class a week with other kids in the coop. I am undecided about that. We might have our hands full with what we already have.

Why did I choose this study?

I had heard of Prairie Primer which is a unit study based on Little House on the Prairie and the time in history when those books were written. It looked like so much fun! But, having a teenage boy presented a problem with that curriculum. I started looking for something similar and came upon the Learning Adventure series. I read tons of reviews and absolutely could not find anything negative written about it! Best of all, it mostly uses books and resources from the local library, so free!

I can't wait to start looking at it more closely and actually starting my weekly lesson plans, which I know will take between now and summer to complete. The curriculum will get us through his entire 8th grade year. Then there are two more unit study books that continue on from here. If we like this series, we may order the next one for 9th grade. We'll see how this works.

Very excited here! I can't wait to share with you what we learn!


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