Friday, December 17, 2010

A Coop Lesson in Bartering

One Friday a month Brynne's Homeschool Coop has a "Fun Day" and a different mom signs up to lead it. This month the mom suggested that we have our kids bring homemade goods, set up tables and barter with each other to exchange them. This was great for us because Brynne has also been learning about Colonial times where bartering was a normal activity.

We made five different things to barter:

Spicy Pretzels ($1) ~Gift for dads

Handmade Crystal Ornaments ($1) ~ Gift for moms

"Game of Graces" ($3) and "Hopscotch kits" ($1)~ Gifts for sisters

"Ball and Cup" ($2) ~ Gift for brothers

Brynne set up her "Taulman Trading Post" with a green table cloth and Christmas angel piece of fabric.

She bartered away! She got some great items for herself and was able to trade for gifts for every member of her family. And she successfully traded away every one of her items.

It was a great lesson and so much fun!

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