Friday, December 10, 2010

My First Nutcracker

My First Nutracker, story by E.T.A. Hoffmann, adapted by Stephanie True Peters and illustrated by Linda Bronson

I'm going to be honest .. I half-heartedly read this book to Brynne this morning, and she half-heartedly listened. She wasn't too interested and I didn't imagine that she would be. Starting out it just seemed "more" than she would want to listen to and follow.

But .... after she finished the book, she sat ENGROSSED in a dvr'd showing of The Nutcracker performed by the Berlin State Ballet. She was loving it! Then I had checked out a cd of The Nutcracker (performed by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, strangely enough). We listed to it on the way to Coop. While she was listening to the music she looked at the book we had read that morning and told her own story based on the music.

I was blown away that she was so into it! While watching the ballet she said, "Daddy needs to watch this." Her and daddy would enjoy it.

Her enthusiasm was such a nice surprise! What a great way to end our week with the Christmas Book and Activity a Day.

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