Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's Coming for Christmas

Today we read What's Coming for Christmas written by Kate Banks and illustrated by Georg Hallensleben as part of the Christmas Book and Activity a Day Challenge.

The spirit of the season can be seen in the sparkle of a snowman's eye and in the voices of carolers. With lush illustrations as comforting as a Yuletide fire, this tender Christmas lullaby about cherished traditions and welcome surprises is sure to become an annual favorite.

Shannon's book that she recommended was actually called Who's Coming for Christmas , but we didn't have that book at our library. Her book was a flip book, so the recommended activity was to make a flip card.

Brynne made a flip card with a present and a tag on the cover that said, "To Mom and Dad". Inside the flap was a picture she drew of her and Eli, Dawson and the four puppies. They will be "What's" coming for Christmas at our house Christmas morning. (Notice that her and Eli are not wearing shirts. That's because they go shirtless at our house all the time.)

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