Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Snowy Path

The Snowy Path: A Christmas Journey by Lark Carrier

Tracks made by various animals in the snow lead to a multitude of tracks and their makers, Santa's reindeer. Die-cut pages reveal the animals connected with each set of tracks.

This was the book we read today for the Christmas Book and Activity a Day challenge. However, it really wasn't a book you read. On each page you followed the animal tracks through the snow to a flap to lift to see what was making the tracks. It was a magical and fun book.

So we made snow tracks art today! I mixed shaving cream and Elmer's glue in equal parts. Then Brynne completely painted a white piece of construction paper. After it had puffed and dried somewhat she made footprints with her palm and fingerprints. She was so amazed at how soft it was to the touch when it was completely dry.

This has been another great week of books and activities, so far! Thanks, Shannon, for the inspiration!

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