Thursday, December 2, 2010

Counting Christmas

We had a book chosen to read today for our Christmas Book and Activity a Day ... The 12 Days of Christmas ~ A carol-and-count flap book illustrated by Tad Hills. But, I didn't get it picked up from our library hold shelf on time and it was returned back into the system. I couldn't get it again because there was already a hold list.

So, I searched and searched for a Christmas counting book and only came up with the tried-and-true The 12 Days of Christmas illustrated by Linea Asplind Riley. But, it didn't arrive until this afternoon, and our Christmas counting day was this morning.

So, I improvised!

I printed off a book called "My Christmas Book of Ten" that she read and we watched "The 12 Days of Christmas" by musicfactorymusic on Youtube.

I took some laminated green construction paper (that I had leftover from a craft party) and cut them in half. With a sharpie I wrote several different addition problems. Brynne sorted Christmas foam pieces and used them to make picture sentences for the addition problems.

Then we made our annual Christmas chain to countdown to Christmas. We also added a blue chain covered with curling ribbon to symbolize Eli's birthday on December 22nd. The kids always enjoy getting up each morning and tearing off a link of the chain.

Lastly she read 26 Letters and 99 cents by Tana Oban and counted money up to 26 cents.

There was lots of counting going on today!

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