Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Nature Walk

On Mondays, while Dawson is at guitar lessons, Brynne and I like to do a nature study. This week we decided to venture out to the neighborhood across the street from ours. It's a fairly new subdivision, with a nature theme (the elementary school is built in the subdivision and it has a nature theme, too). There are gravel walking trails everywhere.

We pulled off at the side of the road near the walking trail and our first stop, the cattails.

Then we went on toward a tree that looked interesting. It had huge red thorns on the branches, about every 2-3 inches. It was the coolest looking thing. Looked kind of like the briar patch.

We saw lots of neat wildflowers.

But our greatest finds were cactuses! I had no idea that we had natural cacti near us! They were everywhere and so cool to see up close and personal and in their natural environment.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we got to see lots of things we haven't ever seen before. We will definitely be hitting more of these trails soon.


  1. We love cattails! Looks like you found some great things on your nature walk. How fun!

  2. Love your walk...especially the cactus, which is something we never see.


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