Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Blown

I am blown away at how exhausted I am, and really don't even feel like blogging. We are spending a weekend in Missouri with my parents, and there is lots of activity going on. But I want to keep up with documenting what we do each week. So, here goes.

Again, our highlight this week was with art. We studied Hendrick Avercamp, did a notebooking page, and made Winter Trees watercolor prints with a blown paint technique.

They turned out so great! I was able to take The Usborne Treasury of Art to our Homeschool Co-op mom's meeting on Friday and show how awesome it is to teach art!

If you click on the link above, you will see our "Schedule". That schedule has been blown in just the couple of weeks we have been in school. Dawson prefers to meet in the morning to discuss all of the work he will be doing. Then he chooses to do his work in the order he prefers. So, Brynne and I do our work around his preferred schedule. It's working fine, because we are getting everything done everyday.

My daily lesson plans were blown this week when we hit two speed bumps in two subjects. Dawson was having trouble with a concept in Algebra that he needs to master before he can move on and succeed. So, all of the other lessons for the week were canceled so we can continue working on that concept. In fact, we will likely spend all next week working on it, too. And, after doing just one module of Apologia Biology, we realized that he hated it! So, I sold that curriculum to another Co-op mom on Friday and we have developed a new plan. Our style is not textbooks.

Dawson's guitar teacher was blown away by how well he did on his first lesson. He was relieved that when he arrived at his beginner's guitar group lessons that he wasn't in the class with a bunch of 6 year olds.

What about Brynne? She had a consistent week. She did her handwriting, copywork, and daily grammar lessons. She enjoyed her math lessons. She read several books on her own. We had a great day of nature studies. She studied the state of Virginia. She studied the respiratory system. All of the learning she and I do together everyday makes my brain feel like it's blown up to maximum capacity. She is an amazingly fun and smart kid. Specific posts about Virginia (Study America Saturday), the respiratory system (Science Sunday), and her Living Math lessons from this week (Math Monday), are coming up.

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  1. Love the paintings! I added the Usborne book to my Amazon wishlist based on your recommendation.

    Kahn Academy is a great online resource for help with math. The videos are free. If you scroll down while on the home page, you will see several algebra links. But maybe you already know this. :)

  2. We had a problem with having to linger on a subject longer than originally planned so I plan out lessons week by week. I have an idea of what I want to do though.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog(I'm sooooo behind updating it). Your blog is my new fav blog by far!!

  3. We are also working on Biology and am looking forward to seeing your new biology plans for Dawson.
    I too am seeing if I can inter-library loan the art book you have suggested it looks like alot of fun!
    Great Bog!!

  4. We are using Apologia Biology.. At first, I wondered if we would know how to make it work.. Then we discovered great free lesson plans at ... And printable lab pages...Just thought I'd tell you in case you didn't know about Donna Young resources :-) she has many others you may find helpful even if you don't need the Apologia ones..

    Apologia is the only textbook we use.. And only for high school... We hate textbooks in general.. We like real books!


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