Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A+ with a Star

A little history. When Eli started having spelling tests last year in the 1st grade, he would have a lot of trouble keeping up with the pace. He would scream "WAIT!" when the teacher tried to move on to another word, when he was not done with the previous one. So, we decided that we would have him do his spelling tests with his Resource Teacher.

Eli's Resource Teacher is an amazing woman, and her class is a safe place for him to land when he is needing some peace and quiet or some extra help with something.

This year, at his meeting, we discussed having him take his tests on Fridays with his Reading Resource teacher again so as not to stress out Eli, the teacher, or the other students. But on Wednesdays, they have a pre-test for their spelling words and sentences. If a student gets 100% on the pre-test, he or she does not have to take it on Friday.

He's had some bomb pre-tests, because he takes them in the classroom with the other students. His teachers and I discussed this and I told them that I would prefer that he go ahead and take the pre-tests in the classroom as a way to gently push him out of his comfort zone.

So, this week I bribed him. I told him I would pay him $5 if he got a 100% on his Wednesday pre-test including writing both sentences correctly. We studied. He took the test.

And he got a 100%!!!

Now, he's not going to turn down the money, that's for sure. But with him, the money means nothing compared to the words of affirmation he received for doing such a great job! He eats that up!

We are so proud of him for accomplishing this, and are hoping for more success stories.

(If a student gets a 100% every week of a month, they get to eat lunch in the classroom with the teacher. Maybe I'll throw in an extra incentive to see if we can get that accomplished.)

And more success stories there are! I actually typed this last Wednesday evening. On Friday, Eli carried out of the school a certificate for Start Student of the week in Music! He continues to charm the pants off all his teachers.


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