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Science Sunday ~ Breathe!!

Let's start with a book recommendation. The Human Body can be a very complicated thing to teach to young children. Brynne is 6, and although we had some great hands-on things planned for our unit, I didn't want to overwhelm her with the book choice(s) for each of the body systems.

No problem with the Amazing Body series of children's books by Pamela Hill Nettleton!!! This week we were learning about the Respiratory System, so I checked out the book Breathe In, Breathe Out: Learning about your Lungs.

I gave Brynne a balloon to "play with" while we were reading the book. The information on each page is simple, concise, informative, and completely on-the-level of a 4-8 year old child. The illustrations are nice, as well. It was the perfect length, and the way it was written made it interesting to listen to. There were also little fact bubbles on each page, so I would read the text and Brynne would read the fact bubbles. There are many books in this series and I have them all checked out to use for the remainder of our Human Body study. Excellent!

Moving on. When the book was completed, we did a couple of demonstrations. First I had Brynne run in place really, really, fast and listen to hear breathing while she was doing it.

Then we did an experiment to show how the diaphragm works and what would happen if the diaphragm had a hole in it.

Finally we added all of the respiratory components to her Life-Size Brynne. She named it "The Brynne". And at the top of the poster she had me write, "Brynne's bones, Brynne's bones, Brynne's Cool Bones."

We added a nose, mouth, wind pipe, lungs, diaphragm, sternum and ribs.

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  1. Very awesome! Isn't it fun to use a GREAT book to make learning come alive! And The Brynne is wonderful!

  2. I think I've seen books in that series and been very impressed. I love the full size replica you're creating.

  3. I love the life-sized Brynne! And that book sounds great.


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