Saturday, September 17, 2011

Study America Saturday ~ The Declaration of Independence

Dawson has been very engaged in The Declaration of Independence this past week. We used a lot of materials from the America's Heritage cd I received free from The American Heritage Education Foundation, Inc. I have said this before, but this is a really great resource.
  • He read about all of the signers and then did a crossword puzzle with questions about the characteristics of the signers.
  • He took a scramble of the Declaration, cut it apart and put it back in order.
  • He is now working on a worksheet, completing vocabulary words and answering questions.
This week he will be completing the worksheet, doing some notebooking pages on John Hancock, George Washington, and Valley Forge, and memorizing the Preamble. (He is not excited about doing this!)

** Does anybody have any memorization techniques that might make this easier for him? **

We completed reading The Winter of Red Snow: The Revolutionary War Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart.

Although the book was interesting enough, it was not one of Dawson's favorites. Maybe it's because it was written in diary form by a girl. I don't know. We had a couple more books come in on the subject matter, so we are trying to decide which one we will read this week. I'm leaning toward Yankee Doodle Boy by Joseph Plumb Martin (my original choice). Dawson is leaning toward The Fighting Ground by Avi.

Brynne and I didn't do any history lessons this week because we had some Science we needed to get caught up on.

If you had some lessons this week you would like to share, link up below! Don't forget to add my button. You'll have to right-click it and save it as a .jpg, and add it to your post a picture. I can't get the code to stay on and work.


  1. I downloaded American Heritage, but not sure how we're going to use it yet.

    Jake is excited about using America: Story of US. I think he's already seen all the movies a few times, but we'll add in reading the book that goes with the videos and the episode vocab and questions and mapping. I requested "Blood on the River" for him, but still waiting.

  2. Sounds like a great history program you have made.

  3. We only did history once this week and I didn't get any pictures. Hopefully I can join up next Saturday.

    I wish I had a fun memorization technique to share.

  4. I think we are a week behind yall :)

    I am looking forward to linking up next week when we have something a little more interesting to post!!!

    I love this linky!!!



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