Sunday, March 11, 2012

When DNA stands for "Don't No A-thing"

The TOS Cruisers are answering the following question this week: What is your favorite Science Resource?

There are SO many different resources out there! But, what if you have a budding high school student and science is your weak area, or just an area of which you are not passionate? What if your student HATES textbooks, and I mean HATES them (like wanting to chuck Apologia right out the window?)

Well, you build your own curriculum anyway, and you break out in a cold sweat each Sunday afternoon when you are planning that week's lessons. At least that's what you do on the difficult subjects.

Like when it was time to study DNA and Genetics. Clue.less.

Sure, I could read along with him in his The Way Life Works book, digesting the material, dissecting the diagrams. But when it came to making sure he REALLY understood what he was reading and seeing, I had to look elsewhere.

And to the rescue came Learn.Genetics from the Genetics Science Learning Center at the University of Utah.


This website has been invaluable in our high school level study of DNA and Genetics.

It covers the Basics, DNA to Protein, Heredity and Traits, and Cells. You can build models and do virtual labs. It has a Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans page that gives excellent hands on projects to reinforce what has been learned.

I have blogged about what we have done with this site here and here.

This has been my favorite Science Resource this year. Go see what other Favorites the Homeschool Crew members have, starting on Tuesday. I know you will find something useful! I can't wait to see what else is out there for our use.


  1. What an awesome resource!! How do you find this stuff?

    Now I need to go through the remainer of our Biology lessons and see what I can plug in! Thank you!!

  2. That certainly looks interesting. I'm guessing that's gonna be a little bit of time before we're ready for that.

  3. Learn Genetics looks like a great resource. Thank you!


  4. Wow! Interesting! Thankfully we have a while before we have to cover that. I'm enjoying the simple stuff for know before I'm absolutely clueless : )

  5. I use this resource in my college class to serve as a refresher or some need remediation for some of my students. I found it when I taught high school!


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