Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Countdown ~ Goals to End the Year

It looks as though we have about 30 days of at-home book school left to do this school year. Dawson has expressed some desires of things he would like to study before the school year is over, so I have planned some fun things for the month of May. We also have some things I would like for us to get done before the end of the school year, so I have made some goals. This has also included a few tweaks to our curriculum.


* Complete Handwriting Without Tears Printing Power (one lesson per day)
* Get through Lesson 45 of Copywork for Little Girls
* Get through Lesson 75 of Math Enhancement Programme
* Complete goal of independently reading 100 books
* Get through Lesson 115 of Easy Grammar
* Complete The Secret Garden unit
* Finish 5 more state studies and focus on U.S. Geography


* Finish Life of Fred Beginning Algebra
* Finish Critical Thinking book
* Stop Easy Grammar for now and complete GrammarKey Parts of Speech curriculum (next year he will redo the Parts of Speech component for review and then do Punctuation)
* Complete this current unit in American History and two more units between now and the end of April to complete America: The Story of Us
* Do a unit on Knights in the Middle Ages and Renaissance period in the month of May
* Complete the chapter on "Community" in The Way Life Works (not going to cover "Evolution") and get prepared for our dissection unit in the month of May (7 weeks of lessons)
* Complete Driver's Ed course
* Read Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne
* Complete three more lessons in IEW and do a research project in May

We have a lot to accomplish, but I am confident we can do it with diligence and hard work! Then we will be on summer break and I'll be planning our next school year with ALL of my kids home!!

(BTW ... it was SO hard to send Eli back to school yesterday.)


  1. Sounds fun!! I am so excited for you and Eli in the upcoming school year :)

  2. If Dawson wants to do knights, you'll definitely want to check out www.stormthecastle.com and his related sites if you haven't already. Lots of knight related ideas.
    We're making the large trebuchet from it at the cottage this year so we can fling wet sponges out at the diving raft!


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