Monday, March 12, 2012

There's a "Secret" in this "Garden"

Last year I planted two potted tulips, that were on clearance at Walmart (after Easter) and an Easter Lily, in my favorite little spot in our backyard. Everything I read said that these would not come back up this year!

I know you cannot see it well, but hidden in the midst of all those weeds are all three flowers fully sprouting! I almost cried when I saw them!

Brynne and I are starting a unit on The Secret Garden today.

We are planning to cover this unit until the end of April. I got this idea when I read that our local community theatre was doing auditions for "The Secret Garden", a play that will take place that month. That got my wheels turning!

I bought the book on cd, by Classic Starts: The Secret Garden.

We are going to listen to it and then do TONS of activities! We will do a plant study, build an earthworm habitat, do balloon botany, do flower poundings, make pretties for our garden, plant lots of things, make stone plant labels, make a twig trellis, make a moss covered flower pot, hand make a skipping rope,do other crafts and coloring pages, go on some field trips (one to a fully sustainable "green" nursery and to a couple of beautiful "Secret Garden"ish gardens in Tulsa), make a vocabulary flower garden, read LOTS of books, bake, have tea parties, and go see the play.

Many of the activities we will do came from the book Inside the Secret Garden: A Treasury of Crafts, Recipes, and Activities by Carolyn Strom Collins.

Our major plant study is a free plant unit study found at Funtastic Unit Studies. Click on the Freebies link, scroll down to Science Freebies, and click on "Sue's Free Plant Unit Study".

Our biggest project will be transforming this space into our own Secret Garden habitat for birds and butterflies.

In the spring and summer it's always much prettier. But, can you say weeds? Yikes! It needs some TLC! We will clean it up, add some more pretties, maybe an arbor and a bench. I kind of like the inspiration behind this garden.

I cannot wait to celebrate this classic and the newness of Spring with my sweet girl.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful unit!! Have fun :)

  2. Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and your resources with the OHC newsletter!


  3. I love it when you can find a ton of projects and books and "stuff" to go along with something you want to do. Makes everything all the more interesting, memorable, and fun. Have a great time with the unit - I always loved the story of the Secret Garden!

  4. "The Secret Garden" was one of my favorite books ever. My Mother read it to me one summer during my little brother's nap time. I know that Brynne will love this!

  5. what is balloon botany?

    annette @ a net in time

  6. Fun ideas! I LOVE the Secret Garden- that book sounds great.


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