Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ YAWN!

Getting back into school after a relaxing week-long vacation in Florida.

Two dentist appointments for Dawson. Lots of tooth pain.

Two field trips. One that was two hours away.

Girls and Boys Club on Tuesday afternoon/evening.

Practice for children's musical at church on Wednesday night, when we don't normally do anything in the evenings.

Birthday party tonight.

This was our week. I am exhausted! I have expressed on numerous occasions that we are a homebody family! We don't leave our house unless we have to. Many weeks we have school Monday through Thursday and only leave the house on Friday mornings to go to Co-op.

This week was so full of activity that I feel like a ZOMBIE tonight! Lots of traveling. Lots of fresh air. TI-RED!

Here's a collage of our lessons and activities at home this week.

1. Brynne finished her very first REAL chapter book. It is from the Puppy Place series, and it had 10 chapters. She is now on Chapter 3 of another book in the series.

2. Our squirrel friend who hung on our office window for two days squealing! He was annoying, but the kids loved watching him. They named him "Fox". 

3. Dawson started an experiment growing Fungi.

4. Brynne made Treacle, a molasses syrup to put in oatmeal for an English breakfast like that eaten by Mary in The Secret Garden.

5. Our projects completed from our studies of The Secret Garden: A twig trellis sitting in the area where we will be completing our garden, and garden rock labels we painted. We did this while listening to a couple of chapters of the book. They turned out so great!

6. A paper I found that Eli had done at school around Valentine's Day. I just thought it was sweet ... No. 8 on his list of words that mean LOVE ... "God".

My Favorite Resource this week was definitely Inside the Secret Garden: A Treasury of Crafts, Recipes, and Activities by Carolyn Strom Collins. This was where we got our Treacle, twig trellis, and gardening stone label ideas.

On Tuesday night, Brynne and Eli had Girls and Boys Club. Although I was not there to take pics of Eli (I think it's good for him to be there without his mommy), let me just say that he had a great time playing dodge ball! He was a red, hot, sweaty mess when I went to pick him up. Brynne had a much more subdued time decorating birds nest cupcakes and making water bottle aprons.

On Wednesday, we went on a fabulous field trip to a fully sustainable nursery in Tulsa. I wished I had a million dollars so I could recreate that "green barn" in my backyard. We bought some items we need for our The Secret Garden unit, some Stevia plants to grow for natural sweetener, and some organic tomato plants and pumpkin seeds. Then the kids got to plant wheatgrass in Easter buckets to create a "Live" Easter basket.

On Thursday, Dawson had some preparatory appliance work done for his oral surgery and orthodontic treatment he is having in a couple of weeks. He was in extreme pain, so he did some reading, finished a movie, and took it easy for the rest of the day. (The rest of the week, he just worked steadily on his basic subjects, started Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, started DRIVER'S ED  **gulp!**, finished up his unit on Early American cities, and finished up his reading of The Way Life Works in Biology while starting a Fungi experiment. Next up: The Boom era of the U.S. and dissection!)

On Friday, we drove two hours to Enid, Oklahoma, to Leonardo's Discover Warehouse. It is a huge community playground and children's museum.

I think Dawson had the most fun of all of them. He's really just so great with the kids. He loves them as much as they love him.

And, like I said, tonight we are exhausted! I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend .... except that I have tons of clothes organization, garden preparations, dinner with friends, grocery shopping, and church activities to do. Oh well.

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  1. That field trip looks fantastic! I want to go. What a great week!- and I love your collage. Rest up if you can.

  2. Growing fungi, huh? LOL

    Dawson always looks like he has a blast on field trips...and with his younger siblings. It's very refreshing to see a teenager ENJOY his younger siblings! But YIKES on Drivers Ed! ;)

    Congrats on Brynne's first chapter book! How awesome! I can't wait for my youngest to be in Henry and Mudge chapter books because I think he'll get a kick out of them!

  3. Would love to know the name of this nursery. I don't live in OK but my sister is in Tulsa and we like to find places to explore when we visit. :-)

  4. This sounds like an amazing week! I can totally see, though, why you are exhausted!! Wow! We are homebodies, too, so I can totally identify :)
    You have inspired me with these posts about The Secret Garden to read it aloud with my girls soon. I also want to do Little Women as a read aloud, so I'm not sure which will be first. I will be checking out that project book you mentioned. Thanks for linking with Favorite Resources!

  5. Wow! you really packed it in! Where in FL did you vacation? we are in southwest florida- along the Gulf coast - Boca Grande area specifically- I've been out of town with my 3 boys - we went all the way to South Carolina to the TTD conference and then back to Atlanta for ApologiaLive- we did lots of touring and visiting with bloggy homeschool friends too ;) it was great! Love your Dawson with the littles - I bet he's a super sweet boy - good job mama!


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