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Weekly Wrap-up ~ One of a Kind

Yes, she is. And, it's funny that she was wearing this shirt on this particular day. Because Dawson pointed out that everything we were doing that day symbolized being "One of a Kind". And here's why ....

1.  To finish up our Dogs unit, Brynne spent a couple of days learning about Dalmatians. We read several books, she watched the cartoon versions of 101 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians 2, and then she got out our box of dalmatian puppies and play acted for the better part of two days. (When Dawson was about her age, he was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians. So we got on Ebay and ordered as many used playsets as we could. We probably had about 101 at one time, but they have dwindled down over the years. FYI ... If you have "two sets" of kids, NEVER get rid of toys from the first set. They will inevitably cycle back around for the second set, i.e. Toy Story, dinosaurs, matchbox cars, Barbies, Power Rangers, dalmatians, etc.) Dawson pointed out that the theme of the 2nd Dalmatian movie was in being ONE OF A KIND.

2.  Speaking of being ONE OF A KIND, Dawson spent this week doing DNA experiments from the ScienceWiz DNA kit we purchased. You can read my review on this kit by going here. He learned about chromosomes (doing a chromosome puzzle) and extracted his own DNA.

3.  I also started Brynne on the Puppy Place series of chapter books. There are about 75 pages, several chapters, and NO PICTURES! She has started her first book in the series, Bear, and has read about three chapters. She was very nervous about reading a book that was this large (and had NO pictures), but she dug right in and has done great. She even read some of it to Ellie the Therapy Dog at the library yesterday. The librarian and dog's owner were quite impressed with her reading abilities.

4.  And although it's not a ONE OF A KIND day, Leap Day is something that feels ONE Of A KIND when you are a kid. I found a Great Leap Day Challenge that was a FREE Download from TPT (my Favorite Resource again this week). It was not easy, so I had the two of them work on it together.

In other news, Brynne started working a little bit on Dance Mat on the computer. And Dawson has started a long writing project imagining that he was a passenger on the first transcontinental railroad. He is writing it in the form of a 7-day diary chronicaling his journey from Omaha, Nebraska, to Fresno, California. These are some of his favorite types of projects.

Today we had our regular Homeschool Co-op activities and Mom's meeting.

Oh, and some exciting news ... I was invited to join the TOS Review Crew! I was so honored to be accepted and can't wait to get started doing some reviews!!

I am linking up at Weekly Wrap-up at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, Collage Friday at Homegrown Learners, and Favorite Resource this Week at Learning All the Time.


  1. Thanks for linking up with Favorite Resources! I did sign up for the Teachers Pay Teachers email after the last time you posted about it :)

    My girls went through a huge Puppy Place kick a while back...they read all of the books they could get their hands on. They still re-read them from time to time!

    Dance Mat Typing is a very good program. My girls have gone through spurts of using that, too.

  2. Nice week you guys had. My oldest daughter loves that DNA kit, every since then it has been all about DNA.I always love all of your activities. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Congratulations on TOS! I was added on 2/11 and am awaiting my first few reviews! Totally excited! Can't wait!

  4. I find your blog very interesting. It's unusual that 2 of your children are homeschooled and two attend public schools. I read your reasons - glad you included it in your blog...We have 3 grown children who all attended public school. We pulled our youngest child (daughter) from public school in the 9th gr, because of behavior issues/wrong crowd of friends, etc.; Basically, we were desperate! She is a Jr. now and is thriving and LOVES being schooled at home. She has made new friends and found new interests. I feel through God's grace, we have reclaimed our child by homeschoolong...I NEVER thought I'd be one of "those" homeschoolers - but here we are. lol

  5. Welcome to The Crew!!! Now I will see you on the forum there, too!

    How are your teeth doing?

  6. I'm popping in from the WWU but Welcome to the Crew. It's a lot of fun trying out different things.

  7. Yay!! Welcome to the Crew!!

    The DNA kit sounds awesome! Noodle has used the Dance Mat typing program, it's cute.


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