Wednesday, March 28, 2012

E is for "Easter" Resources

Easter is in just a few short days. I always like to incorporate some Easter studies into our lessons, as I'm sure many of us do. So this week at Blogging Through the Alphabet, E is for "Easter" Resources.

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I have come across some great resources this year that I wanted to pass along. I don't know if we will do everything, but you might see something you like.

A free Celebrate Easter Lapbook from Scripture Adventures.

A free Easter H-O-P-E printable from Amanda Bennett.

A free Amanda Bennett Easter Lapbook.

A Resurrection Plant. You just water the "dead" plant before you go to bed on the night before Easter and in the morning "It's Alive!"

Every year we hunt and find Resurrection Eggs. I made my own one year, using this resource.

My kids also love to do Resurrection Cookies and we will do them this year as well.

Last year we made this Hill of Calvary. We loved it!

Jesus is our main focus this Easter season. But, we do also "do" the Easter Bunny fun, too. So, we will be reading any book we can get our hands on.

And we will be making a Live Easter Basket on our field trip to a green nursery today.

Have a wonderful and happy Easter with your children!

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