Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First Day ~ July

Join Nicole at Journey to Josie in her fun First Day linky. I was on the road coming back from Oklahoma for a few hours of the day, so there aren't a ton of pictures. Some of the ones I did take I took while driving, which isn't incredibly smart. But, what do you do?? Here is a small recap of our day ... July 1st.

Driving ... alone .. listening to music .. not a movie on the DVD player. Ahh ...

Driving ... alone .. taking pictures .. while driving.

And again ...

And again .. Welcome back to Missouri! Nice dirty windshield.

A stop off at Walmart for a couple of "necessities". Somehow two ferns made it in my cart.

Sitting on my parents' front porch waiting for my mom to come home ... alone ... again.

Had to stop and see this cutie .. my niece, Ashtyn. She'll be a YEAR OLD this week!

Eli and I went to Cub Scouts. He's a Webelos now. Learning about Citizenship.

I finally remembered to buy tomato cages. Now if I would just get some tomatoes!

Ending the night with some Wii (as always).

And a doggie (as always).

This isn't something you always see at our house ... an incubator for the chick eggs we get today!


  1. Chick eggs?! Yeah! Your garden looks great! If only it would stop raining here then my garden might want to grow...

    1. Well, we are hatching them but we can't keep them in city limits. So, they will be going to a friend after about a week. And I have a pretty garden, but if we don't get some consistent heat and sun I am only going to have pretty green leaves.

  2. Great pictures! It looks like your month is off to a great start!


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