Thursday, July 4, 2013

Moving Beyond the Page ~ Age 4-5 Curriculum RELEASED

I have often been asked what we used for kindergarten with Brynne. My typical response is to read, read, read, learn letters and handwriting. Maybe throw in some fun topical math. We learned a letter a week.

This weekend I posted our review on Moving Beyond the Page. It is a literature-rich unit study product that we absolutely loved (and will be using extensively in the future to supplement our studies)!

Today I received an e-mail that the 4-5 age program has been released. Oh ... this is totally what I would have used if it would have been available when Brynne was that age. It looks EXCELLENT! It also covers a letter a lesson, based on a picture book.

You can see a sample of the A lessons, and I encourage you to check it out. I was not asked to post this recommendation. I just like to pass along valuable products when I find them. This is a product I think any Pre-K or kindergarten home educator would love to have! The cost is minimal, too, if you are able to get the books from your library. The online version of the unit studies is only $124.19 and includes the full curriculum unit study guide and the materials kit. If you don't have access to a library with the books, you can purchase them all through Moving Beyond the Page.

You can also receive an additional 10% off with coupon code FUNINTHESUN. It expires at midnight on Monday, July 8th.

A curriculum for ages 12-14 is coming soon, as well.

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