Saturday, August 24, 2013

Study America Saturday ~ Connecticut and Delaware

Welcome to Study America Saturday where I share with you all we have learned about America this week, as well as any cool deals I find out there related to American History.

First, I need to give a shout out to Mary at Winecup Christian Academy and thank her for recommending "The States" dvd series from The History Channel. We received it today and watched the segments on Connecticut and Delaware as a review of what we had learned this week. I love this dvd series and I highly recommend it! Thanks, Mary!

Now onto what we studied:

We are using Road Trip USA as our spine this year for learning U.S. Geography. This week's states were Connecticut and Delaware.

For Connecticut, we:

  • Found it's capitol, Hartford, on our world map
  • Completed and colored the state symbols notebooking page
  • Made a Praying Mantis craft (scroll 3/4 of the way down the site to find it)
  • Watched video on the Old State House
  • Baked a Connecticut apple pie from scratch (yum!)
  • Read Connecticut Facts and Symbols from "The States and Their Symbols" series from Hilltop Books
  • Colored the Connecticut page in our Maps to Color and Learn: United States coloring book by Kappa Activity Books (picked up at the Dollar Tree one time for $1 each).

For Delaware, we:

  • Found it's capitol, Dover, on our world map
  • Completed and colored the state symbols notebooking page
  • Made a suspension bridge with cardboard, craft sticks, and pipe cleaners
  • Watched a video on Gallopin' Gertie
  • Made Delaware crab cakes (yuck!)
  • Read Delaware Facts and Symbols ("The States and Their Symbols")
  • Colored the Delaware page in Maps to Color and Learn: United States
  • Read: Row, Row, Row the Boats by Michael Dahl and Raising Yoder's Barn by Jane Yolen

Again, "The States" by The History Channel was well worth the purchase price, and I am so glad I bought it! The segments about each state last about 10 minutes and they are so informative. Both the kids and I really enjoy watching them. They are a great way to summarize what we have learned throughout the week and wrap-up our learning.

Great Homeschool Conventions and The National Center for Life and Liberty have teamed up to provide a FREE download for subscribers of the e-book Understanding the Constitution and it's companion Study Guide. This amazing offer expires 8/28, so don't miss it! We won't be using this material this year, but it's tucked away for our study of government when the kids are older.

This week Marcy at Ben and Me provided a list of great resources about studying Washington, D.C. You should check it out!

And, finally, The History Channel website is having a great sale on their educational dvds. There are LOTS of American History documentaries marked way down (including some of the "America: The Story of Us" dvds and "The States" is marked down to $19.99.) It's worth a look!

And that about does it for us this week. If you have studied some aspect of American History this week and have posted about it, I would love if you would leave a link to it in the comments. I typically do not have any luck with linkys so won't go to the trouble. But, if we garner up enough interest, I might reconsider.


  1. I am studying American History with my 5th grader this year. I am hoping to share my resource list on a weekly basis. Thanks for inviting me to share that information here, as well. Week 1 - We covered the Intolerable Acts and the Boston Massacre...

  2. Wow, I am just not doing this curriculum justice! LOL

    I am so glad you got "The States" - it is awesome and so well done.


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