Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trash to Treasure

My neighbors were having a garage sale last week. I looked out the window and thought I saw a side table that looked promising. Remember how I needed a table for my lamp in the sitting room?? I have been using a chair.

When I got to the sale I saw, however, that it was actually a five-tiered corner shelf. And it was ugly. Still, it had potential. I not only needed a table for my sitting room (which happened to be in a corner) but Brynne needed a small table to put beside her bed. For quite some time she has been using a tiny triangle shaped stool, and it's just not big enough. The problem is that she has to have a table small enough to fit in between her bed and the ladder going up on the bunk bed.

When I realized that the shelf could be taken apart, I paid the $3 and took it home. Here it is before I took it apart.

And here it is after.

I had to use wood glue to glue the tops on. And there are still rough spots on top where the spindles would have gone that wouldn't sand out. It's a cheaply made shelf, not real wood.

But after a coat of red spray paint on one and black spray paint on the other, I ended up with two workable side tables. And they ended up not being too ugly. I was pretty happy with them considering all total they both cost about $10.


  1. I think that was quite a bargain! They both look great!

  2. You're awesome. They look great.

  3. Love your trash to treasure! One of my favorite things is to turn something ugly and cheap into something nice.


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