Monday, February 17, 2014

A Day in the Life of Homeschooling Two Fourth Graders (Ages 8 and 10)

I am joining up with Simple Homeschool to share in their "A Homeschool Day in the Life" Series. You have seen how we handle our days on multiple occasions (if you are a regular follower). But, I thought I would share one of our days from the past week. And these types of days are what are most typical.

So how does a mom and two 4th graders get from here ...

to here ...

in just a few hours?

We start out with our Bible lessons. That's always a good place to start.

Then we throw in a little laughter when one of us shakes the Stick Jar too hard and the sticks all go flying everywhere.

And then just a few minutes later a couple of tears fall when composing grammatically correct sentences proves to be too difficult.

We always work through our core subjects in the morning while our minds are fresh and ready (grammar, spelling, reading, handwriting and math).

We aren't "dum dums", sometimes we have a piece of candy to help get our creative juices flowing.

And when that doesn't work we grab some toys to act out some stories before we write them in our creative writing lessons.

We always take a break from the table area to our Sitting Room for our favorite subject of the day …. Read aloud time! And we always have a lap full of dogs! It's their favorite subject of the day, too.

After some personal reading time and a lunch break, we gather back for our unit study, literature study and science and to finish up anything we didn't get finished in the morning.

This is when things really start to get messy!

We slow back down for some more personal reading at the end of the day, and mom heads to the table to clean it up.

And that's a typical day.

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