Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Let the Games Begin

We were homebound all week, beginning last Saturday because of a covering of ice and then about 6 inches of snow. It has been bitterly cold. Dawson was out of school all week; Kyndal was out Tuesday and Wednesday. When they are home all day it is really hard to get any schoolwork done with all of the distractions.

We live in a small house and there are only so many places we can all be, especially since we only heat the main living areas during the day. We did do the basics on Monday, some snow play and Yahtzee (that's math, y'all)!

and then spent Thursday preparing for an Olympics party we were hosting for the kids' friends. We had an epic party! Today Eli and Brynne are spending the day playing in the snow at their friends' house.

To say this week did not go as planned would be an understatement, in more ways than one. My child support trial was continued because my ex-husband was unable to leave his home due to the snow. The delay was certainly an unfortunate turn of events, but the trial will happen eventually regardless of the number of attempted delays.

The Olympics opening ceremony is tonight. We watched some of the preliminary events last night. We will be studying the Olympics over the next couple of weeks, with a break for some Valentine's Day activities.

We have been planning an Olympics party for the past few weeks and spent all day yesterday preparing for it: decorations, snacks, and games. The kids worked hard and we had a lot of fun together baking and creating.

Each of the kids invited three friends, except that one of them got sick right before the games began and she was unable to come.

We started the party with some outside snow games. First the kids had a relay race in the snow. I had to participate as the fourth girl. Running in snow is not easy! The boys got the gold because one of the boys overtook me at the last second … little punk!

Then it was onto slippery tug-of-war. The girls won the gold medal with only three girls to four boys!!

Then we attempted some sledding races, but the roads were more snow-ridden than slick, so they didn't go to far. But, they had fun anyway.

It was bitterly cold so we came back inside for some yummy snacks and Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games on the Wii. (Brynne really wanted the new Sochi game, but it is only for the Wii U … boo!!)

My friend Shelly and I sat and chatted while the kids played and it was just such an enjoyable afternoon. It was a lot of fun!

This weekend we have haircuts scheduled and then we are going to see The Lego Movie! The kids have been waiting since October to see this movie. They are so excited!! Dawson had told Eli he would take him to see it, so they are going with Dawson's girlfriend, Taylar, and then out to dinner. Rick and I are taking Brynne to a birthday party tomorrow afternoon and then we are going to take her out to dinner and to the movie, separately. We are going to have a busy weekend!!!

I am looking forward to Rick being here since he wasn't able to come home last weekend because he was at his daughter's volleyball tournament. It's amazing how he is able to make it all the way from Oklahoma to our home here in Missouri on the same day that the child support trial was cancelled because of the "weather". I am thankful that my husband loves his children so much that he would do anything for them.

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  1. I love the idea of an olympics party! I bet the kids had so much fun.
    We are seriously considering homeschooling Lexie, so I'll be referencing your blog when/if that time comes!
    I'm sorry the child support trial was postponed. Hopefully you can get it all sorted out soon!
    Enjoy your weekend, friend. I'm sorry I don't comment much anymore, but I'm still reading. My hands have been full!

  2. seriously - my son has to wait another week for the Lego Movie for his birthday -- you'd think he had cancer. (eye roll)
    Love all the snow & Yahtzee is GREAT for math!

  3. Oh your party looks soooo fun!!! I have got to get more creative and host a party. Love the ideas!

  4. We were disappointed to see that the new wii Olympic game was only in wii u too. Anyway, it looks like you all had a wonderful week even with all of the snow.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. What a fun idea with the party! We saw the Lego Movie last night. Enjoy your weekend!


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