Sunday, February 2, 2014

First Day ~ February

I recall that our First Day of February looked much like our First Day of January. We woke up yesterday morning to roads covered in ice. So we snuggled down in the living room for a day of t.v. and video games. It was freezing cold outside. I am afraid the following pictures aren't going to be too exciting. But, they do depict exactly what we did on February 1st.

We decided that since we are going to be stuck inside for the next several days that we ought to start a new Netflix series. So, we watched the first 9 episodes of the first season of Revenge. It's pretty darned good!


What the roads looked like when we got up yesterday morning.

We have downed branches that we will have to clean up in a couple of days.

Trying to stay warm!

Brynne spent the entire day on the top bunk playing a video game ...

… while Eli hung out on the bottom bunk playing with the iPad, with toys, and reading his Lego book.

He did sneak in some Wii playtime while we were fixing dinner and not on the big t.v. watching Revenge.

That darned Flappy Bird has my kids screaming and yelling and wanting to throw their phones!

A break from electronics for some chicken tetrazzini.

Quincy couldn't pull himself away from the computer, though.

By the end of the night the snow was coming down. Looks like more Revenge today!

If you would like to share what your First Day looked like, link up with Nicole at Journey to Josie.


  1. This looks like a fun post to do every month. I may just have to join you. Stay warm and safe. That picture of the road just looks plain dangerous.

  2. We missed that storm some how. Your road looks so dangerous!! I guess we are supposed to have ice and snow on Monday. Hope it misses you guys! I'm going to use the time stuck indoors to plan my garden and chicken coop!

  3. In the beginning I only watched it because my shares the same name as the main character, but now it's one of our faves! When the show came out we had to make her twitter private (which is best anyway) because so many Revenge pages tried to follow her.

  4. Seems like Flappy Bird has taken over the whole country. That game is currently driving Grace crazy. I love Revenge. I watched the first two season in like two weeks on Netflix and caught up for the new season.


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