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I Should Blog ...

Well, hi!

I noticed that it's been two weeks since I have blogged. I could say that it's been because we have been busy, because we have. And I could say it's because Brynne has been hogging my computer on her current Minecraft craze, because she has. But really it's because I have just not felt like putting my words into words. Know what I mean?

We finished our 2015-2016 school year on April 29th. Our last week of school was spent wrapping up our year-long study of WWII watching videos about Anne Frank and the Tuskegee Airmen, finishing up some reading, etc.

We also concluded our enrichment class where we used the money raised from our penny (copper) collection to make May Baskets for the residents of our local nursing home. We snuck out to the home after the residents went to bed and left the baskets for them to find on May 1st.

The class also completed the National WWII Museum's Get in the Scrap program. This was a big accomplishment as we did activities about recycling and energy conservation to earn 100 points.

Our family ran in the annual Girls on the Run 5k this past Saturday.

Then we scooted off to St. Louis for state bowling tournament. After running in the 5k we drove home, showered, then drove 4 hours to St. Louis where the kids bowled 6 games that evening and then 3 more games the following morning. We were exhausted but that weekend is always a lot of fun!

It was the second year in a row that my mother and I spent Mother's Day together in a bowling alley. Then Rick took the kids to City Museum and my mom, Kyndal and I went shopping. We had a really nice afternoon then met back up with Rick and the kids for dinner at Cracker Barrel.

Eli and Brynne bowled excellent! Eli bowled 11 pins over his average tournament-wide and Brynne bowled 30 pins over hers! She even had her first 50 Pins Over Her Average game and received a medal. The team didn't bowl too well all together, but Eli and Brynne killed it!

Kyndal and Collin had their big ultrasound last week and Bennett is doing awesome! He looks perfect, and was weighing about 2-3 ounces over the average. Kyndal is feeling it because he is a very active boy! She is now 22 weeks.

Dawson just finished his second semester of college, and it was a tough one. He had switched his major to computer programming and has learned that this field is definitely not for him! However, he works as a mental health technician at our local behavioral health hospital and has gotten to know the expressive therapist there. He has now decided that maybe that's the field he will work toward: Art Therapy. He is definitely a humanities guy, has always loved art, has always had a heart for special needs individuals, and is really enjoying his job. So, put all that together and you have an art therapist. (Figuring out what you want to do with your life is hard work.)

Other than all of this we have been doing a lot of relaxing, reading, watching Kansas City Royals games on tv, and catching up on shows we have DVR'd. Brynne is in her softball season but rain has cancelled practices and delayed games. Eli is soaking in every minute of our May break from school staying up late and sleeping in, playing video games, and just relaxing. Rick and I are counting the days to our trip to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate our 15 year anniversary.

All is good here! I am planning to get back into a regular schedule of blogging next week. I just needed a little break.

2015-2016 Hours Logged - 1,001 hours out of 1,000 required hours (292 1/4 hours outside home)


  1. Nicole - totally with you on the not blogging for a few just happens! We have 1 computer me and the kids share and Minecraft and Trove seem to up on it more than I am on

    Seems like a great few weeks - love the bowling! The kids and I have participated in the Kids Bowl Free program for years now and can't wait to start back up again next week!

    Enjoy your break and Summer!


  2. I understand needing a little break! Looks like you had a fun Mother's Day -- we love to bowl! :-) Thanks for linking!

  3. Enjoy your trip; my hubby and I celebrate 15 years this month but still have no plans... maybe we'll figure something out soon.


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