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Tuesday Coffee Chat

I am legitimately drinking coffee while doing my Tuesday Coffee Chat prompt today, covered up in a blanket with my fireplace insert running. It is Day 2 of cold and rainy weather. And I thought I was lazy yesterday? Ha! I might not even put on real clothes today while I am reading and sipping my hot beverages.

Leslie at Ink Interrupted always allows me to reveal a little more about myself to you through her Tuesday Coffee Chat prompts. Today is no different.

My home has several projects requiring starting/finishing. I hate leaving something unfinished. Are you a starter or a finisher?

How is it that I am neither?

I have several projects that need to be started. Dawson's door to his room needs painted. I want to paint our metal sink cabinet. I need to do a little cleaning up in the basement (that will literally take me about 30 minutes). I need to power wash my house. We have major projects that we need to do someday, bathroom redos and roof replacements. I look at those things day in and day out and think, "I should do that soon." Yet, I don't. And, really, it doesn't bother me at all that they aren't done. It really doesn't.

And really we don't have any started projects right now that need finishing. But we have in the past. It took us about a year and a half to finish painting the trim on our house. My sweet man worked all week in Oklahoma and then came home and spent weekend after weekend painting the trim. It was a really hard job because it took several coats and we have some dangerously high peaks. Some weekends (although there were few of them), he would not paint at all. The dude needed a weekend off! He works hard, is away from his family a lot of the time, and wanted to spend time with me and the kids or just sit on the couch and watch some t.v. It didn't bother me at all. I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out and admire it almost every single day. But the months that went by incomplete didn't bother me in the least. I know that it would, and did, drive a lot of people crazy. But that stuff just doesn't bother me.

This is the completed project. Isn't it adorable? Well done, husband!

So if I'm not a starter or a finisher, what am I?

I am someone who wakes up one day, walks by something, looks at it and says, "It's time to do ....." And I do it.

I do that with reorganizing a drawer, cabinet, closet, bedroom. I do that with deep cleaning something. I do that with making small things to beautify my home. I just get a sudden gumption to do something and I jump in and do it to completion.

For instance, I wanted to have a small curtain across the front of my microwave cart to cover baskets of miscellaneous stuff for about three years. I walked by that cart multiple times a day and thought, "I am going to make a curtain for that." Then one day I was at Walmart buying something completely unrelated, found myself by the fabric department, found the perfect fabric, bought it, came home and made the curtain, and put it on. I love that curtain!! I could have loved it three years ago! But I just wasn't in the mood until that moment.

While I was at it that day I went ahead and used the extra fabric to cover the cork on my teapot bulletin board.

It's going to happen that way with painting that door and that metal cabinet. I will literally wake up one day and find myself with the power washer in my hand spraying down the vinyl siding on my house. I have some really cool wallpaper sitting in my basement given to me by my aunt that would look darling lining my built-ins in the living room, and one day I will find myself installing it.

Just not today.

And who knows when.

But when it happens, it will get completed.



  1. My problem is i think these things will take longer than i have, or i think i can whip them out fast. So they get started and not finished, or not started because i don't have time to do the whole thing. Lovely house!

  2. I've done those kinds of projects too - keep thinking "I really should do that..." and move on...then suddenly do it and get it done one day. :) One of these days I'll clean out the junk drawer...or unpack the rest of the moving boxes from almost 2 years ago. ;)

  3. I am a lot like that too. I will walk by a project that I am thinking about daily, and whisper "soon" - and one day: it will be soon. And I will do it just like that. For major ones, I plan and go all day to exhaustion to finish. But then there are little things like every morning I put my towel wrap with the one broken strap on and head for my shower thinking "I have to remember to sow this broken strap," and the next morning arrives and I am walking around still the one strap wonder!! LOL

    But the trim does look fantastic!


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