Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day of Science in St. Louis

Today was our Science day in St. Louis. After sleeping in and lounging in the hotel room until after lunch, we braved the torrential rain (and my parallel parking) to go to the St. Louis Science Center. We always go to Science centers when we find them. The St. Louis one is one of my absolute favorites! And, it's FREE!

Eli and Brynne watched real archeologists clean and piece together bones found on a recent excavation.   He gave the kids a package of small bones and had them put them back together. It was really cool because they could see how HARD it was to do and how it is just like putting together a puzzle.

One of the favorite rooms was the Energy room. Brynne spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to configure a wind turbine to get the most energy from it. She was very scientific in her approach.

In the meantime, Eli was trying to find a way to provide electricity to as many houses as possible.

An exciting part of our day was the Planetarium. We watched a movie on the Hubble telescope, galaxies, and constellations. Eli had been learning about this in Cub Scouts, so he was particularly fascinated! We laid on the floor on mats and watched the star show. It really felt like we were watching a clear night of stars. The kids loved it! I loved how we were there during the week of the 50th anniversary of the planetarium so we only had to pay 50 cents per person for the movie instead of the usual $5.00 per adult and $4.00 per child.

Watching cars on the walking bridge was fun. And it was even more fun to lay on the ground and watch the cars pass underneath it!

We ended our time in the human body functions room and only had about five minutes in the living nature room. It was the room with all of the birds, nests, and eggs. I wanted to stay longer, but Brynne had to (literally) drag me out because they were announcing that they were closing the Science Center.

I don't think they wanted to be locked in with these guys!

This was an incredibly fun way to spend a rainy day in St. Louis burning off some energy of our own. Brynne said she wished we lived here because there is just so much learning to do. I don't care how many times we come to St. Louis, we still never find time to do all we want to do.


  1. Fun stuff! We love science museums too, no matter if we are visiting the same one over and over:)

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I've been there! We live in Indianapolis for 6 years and went to St Louis a couple of times. I loved that things like this were free there. Has that changed? Even the zoo was free! Looks like a fun time! I remember that window over the highway! LOL

  3. That looks like a seriously cool museum!! What fun day. And free!


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