Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First Day ~ April

It's time to see, in photos (primarily), how we spent our First Day of April. I am linking up with Nicole at Journey to Josie.

After two weeks off, our Monday morning did NOT start off good! There were tears and grumbles before we even started any lessons ...

 ... so Mommy announced she was going to take a time out for a few minutes so that she didn't get angry.

When I came in, we did some pleasure reading to get our spirits up. That definitely helped!

And so did this ... Dairy Queen opened back up today! We live in a small town and the DQ is a family owned and operated business attached to the front of the original owner's house (just two doors down from my parents). It's a landmark in our town. And we are so excited to get to have our foot long hot dogs, Blizzards, ice cream sandwiches and, mom's favorite, lime Mister Misty floats!!

The afternoon brought more personal reading.

And we measured sticks as one of the activities for our Julia Donaldson unit.

We have begun landscaping! Rick and I created my whole gardening area (in the back) on Saturday, and today  my dad brought over his backhoe and pulled out two huge dead bushes out of our side yard to make room for pretty grass and pretty bushes and flowers.

Eli had Cub Scouts and they collected natural items to imprint into clay.

Then they made clay sculptures. Eli chose snakes.

Despite our rough start, we had a pretty good first day of April. Today is also our cat's 13th birthday. Happy Birthday, Clifford!


  1. LOVE all the pictures...the kids are growing up so fast.

    Oh yeah...the DQ brings back memories for me too...chocolate dip cones!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the pics! ahhh now I need some DQ!!

  3. DQ!! Mint Oreo Blizzards are my favorite!

  4. The mommy time out picture made me laugh!!! I've been there!


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