Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dating Through the Alphabet ~ B is for Breakfast

I had to get super creative this week because we have been on vacation with our two little ones. There wasn't going to be any alone time on this trip, so we stole time whenever we could. And that was at Breakfast.

Yeah, right, like I was going to let you see what I look like in the morning when I have just crawled out of bed.

While the kids slept in, Rick and I went downstairs for Breakfast together each morning before he went to his conference. You gotta takes those moments when you can get them!

What about you? Did you and your husband go on a date this week? Even if you aren't playing along officially, you can link up any date and give it an appropriate letter. That way others can steal your idea!

Next week, for us, it's a "C" date. Gotta start thinking about that one!


  1. #1 We've seen you without your make up before on blogger and you look amazing.

    #2 I cheated again, but I had a very good reason

    #3 Yay for breakfast. Chris and I sneak off for a breakfast date more often than not since the kids are teens now and want to sleep 'til noon.

  2. Good for you! I'm glad you got to spend some time together.
    Grant and I need a date night soon. I'm thinking dinner and a movie!!!


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