Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dating Through the Alphabet ~ A is for "A Change of Plans"

This is the first edition of a fun set of posts I will be doing on dating my husband through the alphabet. I challenge you to join along. All you have to do is start with the letter A and work your way through the alphabet doing activities with your husband that start with the appropriate letter.

We had plans this weekend to go see the one-act play "A Second of Pleasure" and two other plays and then go have some half-price Appetizers at Applebee's.

And then we had A change of plans.

For reasons I can't really speak of at this time, we decided to take A road trip to a town 30 minutes from our house to check something out. While there, we went out to dinner at A local restaurant called The Red Baron.

We ordered a couple of drinks and our dinner and then just sat in the booth talking and listening to an open mic band.

It was then that the iPhone came out. We were going to take A picture of us to document our date.

Then we decided to make A funny face.

And then Rick decided to just start taking rapid pictures. And this is what ensued.

We just had A lot of fun together with A lot of laughs.

And these might have been a contributing factor in the funny photos.

We will be coming back to this restaurant on our V date. This little yummy was called a VooDooRita.

Did you go on an "A" date this week? If so, link up below! Don't forget to link specifically to your Dating post, link back here and add the button above.


  1. Date? what a date? :) just kidding but no unless you count Jasons Deli with the girls. So nope no date here.

    Hope your reasons for changing plans are all worked out and ok!?!

    Have a great week, it's suppose to be a rainy one here I think my new garden just might drown.

  2. I haven't "Dated" or linked up yet; however I love this concept so much I shared it on my blog. I think a lot of ladies will love this idea as well and appreciate the challenge. You are so right in your original post when you said that all too often our men get pushed aside.

    Hope you have a wonderful week with the homeschoolers. :)

  3. We actually went on a really fun date on Friday night. After a long week, and knowing it was going to be a longer weekend, hubby and I headed to a popular local sports bar/pizza hang out. And it fits perfectly with "A"- we watched the "A's game"!! on the television at the bar. Funny thing is that I married a husband who did not have a sports bone in his body. Three son-in-laws later, he has been corrupted. He not only watches baseball but football AND collects a little memorabilia! Sometimes I wonder "who is this man and what did he do with my husband?". And then I find myself yelling OUT LOUD at a play that the A's made (or didn't make!). They won though! I love your post and especially your pictures. It is good to get out and get silly sometimes.


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