Monday, April 1, 2013

Collages of Easter

Coloring Easter eggs has never been something that caught the kids' attention, until THIS year! They loved it! So, I will definitely have to do more eggs for each of them next Easter. In their baskets they each got a video game, a giant chocolate bunny, and some other candy. The older kids got baskets, too. Dawson got an iTunes gift card and Almond Joy eggs, and Kyndal got a body pillow and Peeps.

The kids left carrots and celery for the Easter Bunny. And look what he left behind on the plate. Ooops! He does that every year!!

We had a nice morning at church. I played bells at the sunrise service and at regular service. The kids participated in our church's traditional Palm Sunday procession (they did it this week because church was cancelled because of a snow storm last Sunday). It was very nostalgic to watch the kids in the procession because it was done exactly the same way it was done when I was a little girl in that church. I love traditions! Then after church we had a fun time finding Easter eggs. They found the eggs they colored, as well as our Resurrection Eggs. After the egg hunt we had dinner at my mom and dad's.

I hope that you had a nice Easter!

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