Tuesday, April 16, 2013

E is for Earth Day ~ April 22, 2013

Do you and your kids participate in Earth Day activities. We try to take that day each year and learn something new about how we can take care of our earth.

Last year our lessons surrounded the book and movie, The Lorax, and we learned about being responsible for the trees on this earth. This was probably one of my favorite units we have ever done!

This year we will be concentrating on the problem of plastic bags! The lesson plan we are using is from Earth Day Network's "The Truth About Plastic Bags" by Simone Smith.

We will read the book Bag in the Wind written by Ted Kooser and illustrated by Barry Root.

We will do a fun EARTH acrostic poem and word search downloaded for free from TpT. (It's still FREE!)

We will make a poster to hang at each of our two local grocery stores encouraging persons in the community to use reusable bags, and then we will try to be more diligent about using ours!

We will evaluate how we use our plastic bags and come up with ways that we can reuse them. We might even make a plastic bag jump rope or two!

We will take a trip to our local landfill (hopefully).

Earth Day will also kick off our plans for our Square Foot Garden. We will discuss the vegetables and herbs that we would like to plant in our garden and get those seeds purchased.

What are your plans for Earth Day?

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  1. Great ideass. I have a Pinterest board for Day that I better go look at and make my plans before I miss the whole thing!! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. we did those activities also with that book last year, we also flew a plastic bag kite.

    This year my blog post are about animal conservation, and endangered/extinct animals.

  3. I probably should have published a post about Herb Fairies before they closed out, although I did post it on Facebook. For the year it costs $97.00. They allowed us to do it in three payments over the next couple of months. They only open it up for one week to purchase. So far I have been very impressed with what you get for the money. If you are interested for next year I would recommend giving them your email so you get all updates when it becomes available again.


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