Monday, April 1, 2013

C is for Cousins

This past week my sister-in-law was here visiting from Portland, Oregon, with our newest baby, Bell. With my brother and his family living in Oregon, my sister and her family living in Kansas City (a couple of hours away), my daughter living with her dad 45 minutes away, and us living here, getting all seven of my parents' grandchildren together at the same time rarely happens. We somehow managed to get them all together for some pictures.

These are the three oldest. Kyndal is 18, Dawson is 16, and Rylee is 15.

And these are the two youngest. Ashtyn is 9 months and Bell is 5 months. (Seems like only yesterday that we were taking pictures of Kyndal and Rylee like this.)

Here are the three little girls ... Big Cousin Brynne and the babies. They adore Brynne, and just light up when they see her.

Here are all of the grandkids together. Eli chose to only participate in the group pictures. He is not fond of babies.

And here are Papa and Grandma with all seven of their grandkids. Even Sonny snuck into this picture.

It was great to get all of the kids together, even if it was only for a little while. We miss Bell and wish she were closer. But we'll just cherish these pictures until we see her again in July.

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