Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Day ~ January 2015

Well, I completely forgot to take pictures on our first day of January, except for the three I put on Instagram. We lazed around all day and I nursed a pulled back from too much fun at our Just Dance New Year's Eve party with friends and our kids, so there wasn't much excitement to share. Since January 1st was lame anyway, I decided to take photos of January 2nd instead. It was a busy day. Here ya go.

Things started off nice and slow with me and Buck on the couch.

I waited patiently for my coffee. I can drink coffee again now ...

... because of my trusty Prilosec. Time for a refill!

Is our coffee done now???

Yes, and I'm going to read for a bit before anyone else gets up.

Eli was the first one up for some t.v. ...

... and his morning waffle.

Trying to keep the humidity up a little so we don't get so many colds!

Still nobody else is up so we'll watch some Lego Batman.

Leftovers. Yum! Gotta soak in the pasta before my healthy eating that starts TODAY!

Always waiting in line somewhere.

Squeezed twelve large grapefruits that were gifted to me to make ...

fabulous grapefruit jelly with Taylar's mom! So good!

I love going to the Amish bulk store.

The slow pace of life is so refreshing.

Causes me to slow down for a bit, too.

Great prices, great variety. I love to support the local Amish.

Brynne had a friend over for Furby play ...

and UNO Dare ...

before they had to go to basketball practice.

Late night basketball equals Sonic for dinner.

And then ending the day much the way it began, and finishing my book.

I needed sleep, but the girls had other plans.

Joined Nicole at Journey to Josie with her First Day linkup.

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