Friday, January 9, 2015

Random Friday

1. We have been on Christmas break since December 19th, and it has been glorious! We were planning to start back to school this next Monday, but I am going to go on a trip with Rick to New Orleans next week. So, we'll start back on the 19th.

2. Speaking of New Orleans, I am super excited to get away with Rick alone for a few days. These trips are the best of both worlds for me. I get some recharging and pampered time alone in a hotel room while Rick is at his class, but he and I get to dress up a tad to go out to eat and explore. It is always so enjoyable to go on these trips and I can't wait!!

3. I started back to my healthy living routine this week. I am up extra early in the morning to do some exercise then spending some dedicated time with God doing some study and scripture memorization. I have eaten healthy all week using the philosophies of Trim Healthy Mama and entering all of my foods, drinks, and exercises on My Fitness Pal. This week I lost 1.8 pounds. It is a solid start toward the 11 pounds I would like to lose and the healthier and more toned body I want to have.

4. I spent a bunch of time yesterday and today getting a little organized on some of the little detailed items that need to be purchased for Kyndal's wedding and reception. These are all of the "little" things that I can buy when I have $20 here or $30 there that I can spend. Having a BUDGET is so important to me this year, as I have posted about previously. My budget is off to a good start and this week I was able to buy ahead some gifts for the upcoming year because of post-Christmas sales (even some Christmas gifts for next year!). It even got me thinking about how I can possibly save a little money each month for Christmas gifts this next year.

5. This weekend HBO and Showtime are free. I am going to DVR some movies for us to watch later. We still have a long winter ahead and it is nice to have some movies stored away for those cold weekends.

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