Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat - To Be Alone or Not to be Alone?

Would you feel ill at ease going to a movie alone? Or to eat at a restaurant? A concert?

I'll start by saying Introverts unite! I am an introvert and introverts typically do not have a problem doing these things alone. I have never gone to a movie alone or a concert, but I would have no problem doing it. Well, the concert maybe. It's more fun to sing and act like a fool with a friend. But I have eaten in a restaurant alone (with no qualms) and like to do various other things alone, too.

A couple of things I actually prefer to do alone? Shop. Yes, I love to shop alone. That way I can shop my way which is a slow wander and not worry about holding someone else up from what they are wanting to do. And I like to go to museums alone. Again, I am a slow wanderer and one of those who likes to read each and every thing along the way. I don't like to feel rushed or feel like I am holding someone back from moving on. I also enjoy doing these activities with others. My mom, Kyndal and I have a lot of fun shopping together and I love taking the kids to museums and seeing them through their eyes. But if I really want to soak it all in personally, I would rather go alone.

This is me walking alone in New Orleans on my way back from the
National WWII Museum that I attended alone. I had lunch alone at the
museum restaurant and stopped at a cupcake shop on the way back
and had a cupcake alone. It was a great day!


  1. I love to shop alone as well however my daughter prefers company.

  2. Oh I am with you on the shopping. I am a slow browser and hate to feel rushed through the experience too. If I am out for a specific item/reason, than I do that quickly and be on my way. But when I want to simply enjoy myself and wander, I prefer alone too. Never was one of those "let's go the mall" kinda girls. I am more of the "let's go the beach and windsurf, drink fruity drinks, play beach volleyball and end with a bonfire" kinda girls. ha
    I wish I could eat cupcakes alone!! My kids would certainly find me in that event! LOL

  3. I absolutely prefer to shop alone - I like taking my time when I want to, or getting it done quickly if that's what I want/need to do, too. :) While I'm an introvert for the most part, I've never embraced the idea of going to a movie or restaurant solo - I'd much rather phone a friend. ;) And definitely a concert is a one-or-many-friend experience...I think something like that the fun is exponential with extra friends along for the experience. :) I love that you enjoyed your solo time at the museum and restaurant and cupcake shop - I might have to follow your l lead and venture out at least to a museum, because I'd love to take my time without worrying about kids running amok (or the the hubby, for that matter!) :)

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  4. I lived alone in Japan for six and a half years. But, it got harder over time. I'm content doing many things alone, but I'm also extremely thankful for my husband and daughter. I'm an introvert, but close to the middle. So, I enjoy people, but would rather talk to them one-on-one with alone time in between.


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