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Tuesday Coffee Chat

Today's Tuesday Coffee Chat is a fun one ...

Last thing you took a picture of? Why did you want to capture the image? (Show your work.)

Dawson's senior prom is in a couple of months and he desperately does not want to go. It's just not his thing at all. He did not go to his junior prom even though the juniors put on the prom for the seniors and he could have gone. But since he has a sweet little girlfriend, who is on the junior prom committee, who really does want to get all dressed up and spend a magical night with her man, he has been advised (by his very wise mama) that he needs to suck it up and provide her with that magical night even though he is a major introvert who would prefer to stay home that night and watch movies and drink hot cocoa.

Now just because he has (reluctantly) agreed to attend prom, that does not mean that he has any plans to spend a gazillion dollars on a tux and such when he is totally not a tux kind of guy. I told him I thought it would be completely okay for him to do prom the "Dawson" way. We live in a small town and his individuality has been completely embraced. And, when it comes down to it, who cares what anybody else thinks anyway.

We ordered him some nice khaki colored dress pants and a classic white button down oxford (a two-for-one event shirt since he needs to wear it for Kyndal's wedding in July). He is going to wear a tie to match Taylar's dress. Then he's going to have a little fun. We bought him some awesome boat shoes with accents of turquoise. He's going to get a fun belt and some wild socks to pull it all together. So I was looking online for socks right before I opened up this post to answer this week's Tuesday Coffee Chat question. I took a couple of photos of the websites with my phone and here is the last one I took. It's not exactly what we are looking for, so we will keep looking. But he knows he wants something turquoise and pink since Taylar plans to wear a pink dress.

I've said it before, but I am so proud of Dawson for being an individual and not being afraid to just be who he is. And the great thing is that everyone at his school accepts him for who he is and will probably be jealous that he had the courage to do prom his way instead of just falling into the social norm. He has been a fun kid to raise.


  1. How awesome! I hope you post photos; I love seeing different people in quirky prom fashion!

  2. I'm wear those socks! LOL (Right now I have fuzzy aqua-blue ones! LOL) You know - it's great to be an individual. Growing up I always did what everyone else did even if it wasn't ME. It's so awesome to see kids nowadays being themselves!

  3. Very wise Mama, indeed. Embrace individuality. That's how we roll ....

  4. I'd wear those socks in a heartbeat!!

    And you know, Duckie was always my favourite!! (if you have seen Pretty in Pink, you'll get it.) So YES for the unique among us. vanilla gets way to boring - life needs some sparkle and sprinkle. Good for him to listening to your advice -- I think he won't regret it when he looks back.

  5. Oh I love it!! And I love that you encourage your son to embrace his individuality - Princess Nagger totally marches to the beat of her own drum, and I'm happy that she does. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the final choices! :)

    Seahawks and the Human Antennae; Christmas is still here; Coffee Chat in an RTT Rebel Kinda Way

  6. What a great idea. I love this! I look forward to pictures!


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