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First Day ~ April

Hope you had a great last day of March (Did you get the pleasure of the month going out like a lamb? We did!) and April Fool's Day (Did you get away with any good tricks this year? I did!)! It's time for a photo purge of our first day of April. Join Nicole at Journey to Josie for her First Day link-up.

Time to get up!! (My bedroom clock is actually set 15
minutesfast. Always has been. Don't ask.)

A little .. ahem ... restroom partner.

Always start my day with some Prilosec, calcium and water
with lemon oil. (Coffee is brewed in the background.
That is the actual time on the clock.)

Weigh-in Wednesday. No pounds down but body
changes are a definite! That's the goal anyway.

Have you ever heard of Hygge? Google it.
I now have a defined word for my preferred
state of mind.

Working on my Wednesday Hodgepodge.

Always coffee in hand.

Rick and I had this text exchange this

The immediate next contact from him
was a phone call. Dude, seriously??
April Fool's!! Of course, deep down, he
knew it was a joke ... but there was still
that little bit of doubt. Hahahahahaha!!!

Skylanders unite for some 21 Day Fix!

Some plankin' going on. Kyndal needs to put her butt up more. It's been
great having Brynne join us for workouts this week!

At this moment I'm not sure she agreed.

I was planking and sit-upping, too, but just snapping
photos at the same time. Here I am actually lifting
a weight. 

Brynne needed some coffee after her workout.

And Quincy needed to rest. Ummm ... could you move
these off my chair, please?

Kyndal decided to join us for school today. She taught
Bible ....

and then took over documenting our First Day for us while we
watched CNN Student News.

She took a break to take a selfie with Brynne and
Crusoe ...

then read them their chapters out of Little Town on the
. She cracks me up when I hear her learning
something! She also started teaching them the
Preposition Song that she learned in the 5th grade that
she still remembers!

Yadi was being a good boy waiting for her to throw the toy. He
never sits totally still, though, which is why the photo is blurry.

Kyndal took the kids and dogs to the park while I went
for a run. Then I met them there.

This is some intense Minecraft play going on.

I walked/ran 3.1 miles today ... a 5K. Of those 3.1 miles,
I ran 1.6 of them, 1.1 of those all at once. And I felt great!
I am sure I am going to be ready for the 5K on May 2nd.
My first one.

Had to get gas as I have to be on the road at 5:15 a.m. today.

Am I the only one or do you also have to clean your
bathroom 3-4 times a week? I swear we have the dirtiest

And don't get me started on the dog hair ... geeesh!

Pancakes for dinner. But my calories wouldn't allow the
syrup. Vanilla greek yogurt, honey and blueberries for me.
Certainly not as good as buttery/syrupy pancakes. Sacrifices
for that beach body.

After a rainy couple of hours Quincy caught the last sun
ray of the day.

And I caught a glimpse of a star before I headed to bed.


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