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Weekly Wrap-up ~ Getting Outdoors

Sometimes I have to look back at my photos to see what in the heck we did this week. Do you ever have to do that? When I reviewed this past week in photos I saw lots of physical activity. That is certainly the name of the game right now as we usher in the magnificence of Spring temps and sunshine. We are all more energized that we just want to be doing something all the time, especially if it is outdoors. Sometimes that even just means sitting on the front porch for a spell.

Yeah, we did math lessons this week (simplifying fractions, converting mixed fractions to irregular fractions and irregular fractions to mixed fractions). We completed a four-day lesson in grammar (we learned about prepositions ... more on that in a minute). The kids continued reading with Brynne having a goal to finish her book in the next 9 days and with Eli starting a new series. We finished Little Town on the Prairie and started These Happy Golden Years. We watched five episodes of Little House on the Prairie for history and two episodes of Brain Games for science. Every morning we started our time with our Bible lessons learning about Jesus calming the storm. And we stayed up-to-date on current events with CNN Student News.

We have a big emphasis on physical fitness as a family with Brynne and I training for a 5K on May 2nd, and Kyndal trying to get slim and toned for her wedding next month. We have found that we enjoy the accountability of working out together, so we have been starting our school day a tad bit later the past few weeks so that we can work out before we start our day. Some days Brynne works out with us and some days Eli does. In the afternoons Brynne has running class and softball practice. The kids like to play frisbee whenever they can, and we even got in a bike ride this week. I am trying to run 3-4 days a week so I am ready for that 5K.

In the batting cages.

A big accomplishment for the kids this week was learning all of the prepositions. Kyndal learned a preposition song in the 5th grade in public school that she still knows! So she spent a couple of different mornings this week teaching them the song. We can proudly say that they now know all of their prepositions.

This has been a big week for Dawson. He has been working every afternoon at the city pool getting it ready to open at the end of May. He had to perform some first aid when the pool assistant manager slipped and hit her head on the pool bottom leaving a gash with lots of blood. He has also started his other new job and works all day on Saturdays until school is over. Next weekend he is manning the store alone all weekend while his bosses are gone. He is loving all of the responsibility ... and the paychecks!

Taylar and Dawson have been dating for 2 1/2 years so, of course, they have been planning to go to prom together. But these days guys come up with creative ways to ask their gals to go. Dawson waited until the day before prom to officially ask Taylar, but he had been working on it all week. He wrote a note to Taylar that said, "I don't mean to be cold-hearted ..." and on the inside of the note it said, "PROM?" He put the note in ziplock bags and froze it in the middle of about a 3 gallon block of ice. He brought the block of ice out to her with a hammer and pick. She had to chip away the ice to get to the note. It was really cute. She said, "Yes!"

Prom was on Saturday night. (I will have a separate post coming soon.) And Dawson's cap and gown for graduation came in this week. In one month he will graduate from high school.

We only have two more weeks of school before our May break. Other than our current volume in math we won't actually complete anything before the break, but we will just pick back up with all our current curricula in June. We are ready for our break in May. We have a major event happening every weekend of the month and it's going to be an exciting and busy one!!


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