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Tuesday Coffee Chat

This week's Tuesday Coffee Chat topic is .... Show me your Spring!

The host of this link-up, Leslie from Time Out for Mom, lives in Canada, so she still has snow, and lots of it! Thankfully, that is not us (although a nice snowy weekend with nothing to do and a big pot of soup actually sounds kind of nice).

April showers bring May flowers. That definitely holds true for us this week as we have the following forecast ...

This wouldn't be so bad but we could really use some softball practice!! Our games start the first week of May and we will be doing good if we get in one or two outdoor practices between now and then.

But, all of the rain is heaven for my new grass. It's filling in nicely and we might have more than a mud pit in our yard here in a few weeks.

The rose bushes are starting to bud, and my lilac bush (these photos came out blurry, but it's raining now so I am not going out to take more).

In my side garden, things are popping up ... roses, day lilies, and butterfly bushes, and weeds!

We can't plant flowers here until around the first week of May or so because of the nighttime temps (and the occasional snow storm ... that's happened a few times in May). Planting my flowers is what I always do for Mother's Day weekend (although this year we will be at state bowling tournament, so I will hopefully plant the weekend before, after the 5K). I could plant some pansies but they don't grow very good because our yard is completely shaded most of the day. I need to rake out all the leaves from the beds and add new mulch, also, and power wash our house as you can see from the above photo.

For now we are just enjoying the lower utility bills (no need for the furnace or air conditioner), getting in lots of outside time, and taking allergy medicines and using essential oils to fight off those sinus headaches. One of the kids even had their first tick. It won't be long before it's stinking hot, so we are enjoying the weather, rain or shine.


  1. ugh ticks are already out, YUCK! I've killed a wasp in the house and they are already building their new nest in our light fixture. It's going to be a buggy summer. Loving the weather though, and glad for the rain since we've been under fire dangers for the past few weeks.

  2. Oh do I spy some sedum coming up too??! I love my Sedum. I can't wait until I can pull all the leaves off my garden and get in the fresh dirt!
    Mother's day is usually when I do that, and by the end of May, beginning of June I can plant some things. Some of my harder Spring plants are used to the odd frost hitting them if that should happen.
    Soon we will have all kinds of rain too. Seems like we just go from snow to rain, and back to snow again! LOL

  3. Your spring is coming along nicely! I hope you get that practice in, but April showers do bring May flowers!


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