Monday, April 20, 2015

Prom 2015 ~ Suhr ... Dawson Suhr Style

Dawson's senior prom was this past weekend with a James Bond theme called "A Secret Mission". If you know my son at all then you know that he does not do things the ways of the norm. First of all, he absolutely did not want to go to his senior prom. He had no desire to go, but belongs to a sweet girl who insisted. As a compromise they decided that they would go to prom, as long as he got to do things his way.

First of all, no tux. He is frugal and could not justify anybody spending money on a tux that he would wear for a few hours. He wanted to wear something that he could use multiple times. We purchased a nice pair of khaki pants and a plain white button-down shirt. That way, he could just coordinate a tie and and other accessories with whatever dress Taylar chose.

Taylar's mom, nana, and I took her shopping a few months ago and she found a gorgeous blingy dress! It was silver and turquoise, which was a bonus because we had found Dawson some great loafer shoes on clearance that had turquoise shoe laces. Perfect!

That meant all we had to do was find a tie, which was easy enough. We added some argyle socks, a cool new Spiderman belt, some silver suspenders (that he only wore for pictures to humor his mama), and aviators.

Love his expression in all of these pics. He sure does love dressing up!

I think he turned out looking rather dapper, even if he was miserable!

And they were all set. Kyndal did Taylar's hair and makeup and she looked absolutely stunning!!

Contouring her cheeks.

Dawson worked until 4:00 p.m. so the plan was that he was going to get home around 4:30 p.m., get a quick haircut, shower and get ready, and then they were going to go to a nearby town for photos (at some cool places for photo ops), and then Taylar was going to surprise Dawson with a pizza picnic at the park before they went to the dance. You see, everybody who was "anybody" was getting together to take photos together and then going out to eat at a restaurant .. all together. Dawson and Taylar did not want to hang out with other people. And Dawson did not want to go to a restaurant in their prom attire. He absolutely hates attention!

But on Saturday morning it was pouring, and I mean pouring! And it was going to be soggy and wet and nasty all day. So a last-second Plan B went into effect.

Taylar and I set up a romantic tablescape on our front porch with candles, flowers, china, white lights and all.

After they got all ready, Taylar's family came over to take photos and the couple sat down to their dinner. It included take-out pizza and brownies. It was perfect!!! We all left them alone to enjoy their meal and each other and Kyndal and the little kids and I went out of town for dinner.

The couple didn't even go to the dance until about 8:30 p.m. and they were home by 10:45 p.m. to watch Chopped on t.v. They do lead an exciting life!

Everything looked pretty cool at night, too, after we got home from going out to dinner.

The next day I asked Dawson how he liked everything. He said it was all great, except the prom itself. But he loved the dinner on the porch and the time spent with Taylar.

I think they were pretty happy with the results.

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