Friday, April 24, 2015

Random 5

1. Public schools are not preparing our kids for college, or anything else for that matter. Poor Taylar has just struggled through a research paper this past week (even getting it completely done to realize that it was zapped from her USB stick causing her to have to redo most of it). She has felt so unprepared in completing the specific requirements of an MLA styled paper. This is completely the teacher's fault. It's not that she taught it and the kids didn't pay attention. She didn't teach it and just said, "Do it." It sickens me. And, as an online college professor who has seen how poorly students write, it makes me realize how important good writing skills are and how in a year or two my kids will start to undergo rigorous training in good writing that will last all through high school. It is a necessity.

2. One of the most entertaining things in the world to me is when someone posts one of those philosophical quotes intended to be a slam against someone else, but it 100% describes the person posting it! It is truly hilarious to me! I just want to comment, "Dude, did you even read what you just posted?"

3. Speaking of those philosophical quotes .. this one is all about me. Excuse the potty language. But SO TRUE!! (Unfortunately for my house, and my family, I'm feeling in a pretty good mood this week.)

4. The 5K fever is hot! We run our Girls on the Run 5K (my first) on May 2nd. Taylar wants us to run a family Color Run on June 6th, so we are. I already told you about the Wipeout Run I am doing in August. And this week I am registering Rick, Eli, Brynne and I for a run at the Kansas City Zoo in September. It will be a 4 mile run for me and a 1 mile fun run for them. But we get a hot breakfast afterward and free admission to the zoo. Oh, and the t-shirts. I just love all the t-shirts!

5. My Kyndal's bridal shower is on Sunday. I hope that she has a glorious time and feels completely loved on! Less than a month until the family wedding ceremony. And 30 days until we are soaking in the Caribbean sun getting ready to watch it officially happen on the beach.


  1. I just finished helping my 11th grader write an MLA paper for his English class and he received a B+ on the content and a SIXTY PERCENT on formatting! That is with me helping him, following the rules for the MLA essay. I'm guessing perhaps even the teacher doesn't know what it is supposed to be? My son is completely unprepared to write any type of essay. Ugh.


  2. #2 Oh, yes. Just saw it happen this morning. :) People are nuts and the guilty ALWAYS speak (post) the loudest.


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