Monday, August 17, 2015

Just Keep Swimming

Brynne had her birthday party this past Friday night. We rented the city pool for the evening and she invited all of her friends and their families. We served popcorn with flavorings, cupcakes, and pink lemonade and the kids swam and swam and swam. (I actually got very few photos because I was busy talking with friends.)

Only one of these girls is also homeschooled, and there were several other
friends not in this photo. She is a poor, unsocialized little homeschooler,
isn't she??

Dawson and Taylar, with daddy in the background. As you
can see Dawson is gearing up to start harassing little kids.

Eli was his first victim. There were others.

After the swimming party she had her two best friends over to spend the night. They did as little girls do playing Beanie Boos and watching Barbie movies and staying up most of the night talking and giggling. I love how these two friends bring out the little girl in Brynne.

I've said it many times over the past week or so ... where in the world did the last 10 years go? In the blink of an eye she'll be 20.

This was the conclusion to her birthday celebrations. She had a great 10th birthday!

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