Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today ... Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Outside my window ... Oh my gosh the cooler temperatures ... in August! The highs are in the 70's this week! It's awesome, especially since the sun is also shining!!

I am thinking ... that I am thankful that my biopsy results came back showing all benign tissue. No worries!! I have a new mammogram scheduled in 6 months to establish a new baseline so we can carry on as normal.

I am (also) thankful ... for "perfect" days like yesterday. I was up at a reasonably early time and had plenty of time to do my Bible study, get caught up on my blog and e-mails, and just sit on the couch covered in a blanket (it was chilly ... in August!), and drink my coffee until the kids woke up. Kyndal stopped by to chat after her first day of work. I went for an afternoon walk to the grocery store to pick up some bananas after fixing the kids some lunch. While walking by my mom's house I saw her outside so stopped to chat with her for about an hour. Then I walked back home, put in a load of laundry, cleaned out my refrigerator (not the most perfect part of my day, but necessary), and had an afternoon cup of tea while watching an episode of Chopped and folding laundry. I fixed a yummy dinner which I was able to easily modify to fit my eating requirements so I could enjoy it, too. The kids peacefully did their own things all day. We spent the evening relaxing and watching some t.v. while I heard all about Dawson's first day of college. And then I got to bed at a reasonable time to read. At the end of the day I had exactly hit my ketogenic nutritional goals and exercise goals. All of this occurred while a nice breeze flowed through the open windows. Days like yesterday are why I love my life! (Of course we start school next week so these easy, breezy days won't occur as often, but we can still have the same attitude because we are so blessed!)

I am wearing ... pajama pants (because, again, it's chilly! ... squeal!!!) and a Canton "Shop 'til You Drop" t-shirt.

I am creating ... the final plans for our first day of school on Monday.

I am going ... to pick up the form today for Brynne to enter the Junior Miss Septemberfest contest that is next week. She has participated the past three years and won first runner-up last year. Hoping this is her year to bring home the crown!!

I am wondering ... why I can't think of anything I am wondering about. Seriously, I have sat here for 10 minutes thinking about it and I am not wondering about anything. Weird. Guess I'm content.

I am reading ... Grange House by Sarah Blake. Wheat Belly Total Health by William Davis, M.D.

I am hoping ... that I don't severely injure myself at the Wipeout Run on Saturday.

I am learning ... all about the ketogenic lifestyle and how it can work for me. It is definitely trial and error. Like Sunday I was starving even though I ate a ton of calories and yesterday I ate about 500 less calories and had to make myself eat them. I have learned that having restless legs and insomnia at night is not for me so I have allowed myself some extra carbs before bed in the form of a banana so that I can reap some extra benefits of potassium. (P.S. that seemed to help last night, along with some lavender oil.)

In my garden ... I have actually started to have some production .. crazy Missouri summer weather this year. I am using the heck out of my garlic chives and even used a jalapeño this week. I have lots of tomatoes but can't really eat much of them because of the carb content. But they sure are pretty!

In my kitchen ... I have been spending a ton of time! Not to be repetitive, but with this ketogenic way of eating I have had to do a lot of food prep. I do this so that when I am feeling hunger, I don't reach for that easy carb food. Instead I can use ingredients I have prepared ahead of time and put them together. I've got several things in the freezer, including a grain-free banana bread! It's not real sweet but it is something that I can heat up with some butter to curb that grain/carb craving I might be having, or to eat when my family is enjoying a dessert or sweet something of some kind. That way I don't feel deprived.

In the homeschool room ... only six more todays until the young ones start back to school! I can't say they are as excited as I am, but it is time! We need a regular schedule! Not in the homeschool room, but Dawson started college yesterday! What a big day!! I remember bringing him home to homeschool for the 8th grade with the only goal that he would at least get out of high school with the attitude of not wanting to run as far away from further education as possible. After his first class (a math class of all classes) he called me and said, "It wasn't awful." That, my friends, is what I have been praying for consistently for the last 5 years. I am looking forward to watching his success in college.

A favorite quote for today ... "There is a great divide in Christianity between those who call Jesus their Savior and those who are willing to go the next step and call him Lord, and do as He says. I fear that the 'get out of jail free card' that too many Christians are holding may not be recognized by Jesus because Jesus is in the business of changing lives today, not just in eternity." ~ Ken Alexander from Always Learning in response to the latest Josh Duggar scandal.

A peek into one of my days ... 

One of my favorite things ... Ground organic turmeric. I put it on my veggies, eggs, meat, and even in warm coconut/almond milk with some stevia (my absolute favorite way to use it, thanks to @hmama). Yum!

From the board room ... Since I have switched to a ketogenic way of eating, I have been pinning away. I am trying to find some good alternatives to some of my favorite foods, and especially some snacks. Kyndal has even been sending me pins. (It is nice to have the support of family. My mother-in-law texted me a link to an article yesterday, too.)

Here is a variation of my favorite recipe to date ... Bell Pepper Chicken Nachos. (I used 12 mini colored peppers that made 12 nachos when cut in half, used coconut oil to heat my chicken, sprinkled on a little turmeric and garlic salt instead of using fresh garlic, and eliminated the salsa and cilantro.) Holy nachos, they were good!! I didn't even crave the tortilla chips the kids were eating.

Post Script ... "Iowa Barber's Deal for Kids: Read for Haircut". This is BY FAR the best thing I read on the web all week. What a great story! What a great man!

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